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Statewide Integration

The Idaho Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) has partnered with Bamboo Health to integrate Idaho PDMP, AWARxE, data into Idaho electronic health records (EHR) and Idaho pharmacy management systems via Bamboo Health’s Gateway platform. This empowers clinicians at the point of care with information that can help the clinician make better informed prescribing decisions. Integration is not mandatory. PDMP data will still be accessible through the AWARxE web portal.

The Idaho Board of Pharmacy will provide for the user license fee expenses for Gateway Integration of Idaho PDMP data into your EHR or pharmacy management system. The process and timeline for integration is dependent upon your EHR or pharmacy management system vendor.

To register for PDMP Integration into your EHR or Pharmacy Management System review the Gateway Integration Welcome Packet. Then go to and click Create An Account to begin.


If you have questions regarding Gateway integration or the Idaho Prescription Drug Monitoring Program please contact the Idaho Board of Pharmacy by email at

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