Protecting public health through regulation of licensees and registrants.

Idaho Prescription Monitoring Program (AWARxE)

Effective July 1, 2017: Idaho Code 37-2726

(3) The board shall require pharmacists and prescribers, except veterinarians, to annually register with the board to obtain online access to the controlled substances prescriptions database.

Prescribers and Pharmacists:

Quick Reference Guide; Completing a Request in PMP AWARxE

Idaho PMP AWARxE User Support Guide & Registration Instructions

Idaho PMP AWARxE Data Submission Guide


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Q: What is the Prescription Monitoring Program?

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Q: What should prescribers and pharmacy staff do about diversion?

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Idaho Code 37-2726

(9) Any person with access to the board's online prescription monitoring program pursuant to a board-issued user account, login name and password who intentionally shares or recklessly fails to safeguard his user account, login name and password, resulting in another person not authorized to receive or use such information under the provisions of any state or federal law, rule or regulation obtaining information from the controlled substances prescriptions database, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed six (6) months or by a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000), or both. The foregoing criminal penalty is in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other civil or administrative penalty or sanction authorized by law.

Board Rule 204.02 Use Outside Scope of Practice Prohibited

Information obtained from the PMP must not be used for purposes outside the prescriber's or pharmacist's scope of professional practice.


For more information on the Prescription Monitoring Program;

Email: Teresa Anderson
Program Information Coordinator
or call 208-334-2356

Email: Ellen Mitchell
Investigations Support Coordinator
or call 208-334-2356

For Diversion inquiries;

Email: Fred Collings
Chief Investigator
or call 208-334-2356

For general information or questions; or
or call 208-334-2356.

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