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Pharmacy Technicians

*Important Note*

Beginning July 16, 2018 Online Applications will be required. Board staff will accept paper applications that have been postmarked no later that July 13, 2018. All applications postmark after July 13, 2018 will be returned. You will find instruction sheets below that will help you gather information for when online applications open.

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Technician-In-Training Registration

Eligible to apply if employed in a pharmacy but not certified by one of the approved national certification boards;

  • Must be fingerprinted
  • Registration expires two (2) years from date of issue.

Pharmacy Technician in Training

Certified Technician Registration

Pharmacy Technicians currently;

  • Registered with the Board and/or
  • Certified by one of the approved certification boards
  • Must be fingerprinted

Certified Pharmacy Technician Registration

Approved National Certification Boards

Idaho requires (Certified) Pharmacy Technicians to be certified by either:

This does not apply to (Grandfathered) Pharmacy Technicians that were registered with the Board prior to July 1, 2009 and have stayed with the same employer since that time; nor to Pharmacy Technicians-in-Training who may be registered without being nationally certified for up to two (2) renewals.

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Written License Verification?

To obtain written license/registration verification, submit a request to our office along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Email questions to our licensing team at or call 208-334-2356.


Q: Why do all new and reinstating Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Students have to be fingerprinted?
A: Fingerprint/Background checks became effective July 1, 2010. See Idaho Code for more information.

Work Location Changes

All technicians are required to report work location changes. They must also post a copy of of their registration at each employment location and carry the wallet size copy of their registration with them.

Employment Change Form

Fingerprint Card Options

Option 1 - By Mail: Send an email to , to have a Fingerprint Packet mailed to the applicant. Include the full address with a full name, mailing address, and application type.

Option 2 - Walk-In: Contact local law enforcement agency, or fingerprinting company. If the agency/company does fingerprint services, they may also have fingerprint cards available.

Option 3 - Print Blank Fingerprint card: Use this link to print a copy of a fingerprint card

All applicants, no matter what option chosen above must do the following;

  • Print and complete the Non-Criminal Justice Privacy Statement form, to include with the application.
  • Mail completed fingerprint card & application to our office. Scanned or faxed copies are never accepted.

For your reference, the following forms are included in the Fingerprint Packet in addition to the actual fingerprint card.

Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement

Fingerprint Processing Instructions

Fingerprint Card Instructions

Get your FBI Record Brochure

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