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Create Individual Account
For people licensed in Idaho who have never used the My License E-government system before.
Create Facility Account
For facilities/businesses licensed in Idaho who have never used the My License E-government system before.
Returning User Login
If previously registered with the e-Gov system and created a user name and password.

License/Registration cards can now be printed online via your MyLicense portal. Login to print cards for your active License/Registration.

Written License Verification?

To obtain written license/registration verification, submit a request to our office along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

To submit a public records request, submit a form via the Contact Us choosing “Public Record Request” as the Message Topic.

Renewal Information

Important Information – please READ prior to completing your renewal
  • Renewal periods open ten weeks prior to the license/registration expiration date.
  • This new system is open all year and includes the ability to complete new applications, update personal demographics, licensing information, upload documents, and complete your annual renewal process.
  • Once logged into the system choose “Renew License” from the left hand menu to start the renewal process.
  • Additional Renewal instructions
  • Mozilla Firefox is NOT a compatible browser at this time. Please use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Or Safari to complete your renewal.
  • Renewal notices will ONLY be sent via Email.

Fingerprint Card Options

Option 1 – By Mail:
Send an email to, to have a Fingerprint Packet mailed to the applicant. Include the full address with a full name, mailing address, and application type.

Option 2 – Walk-In:
Contact local law enforcement agency, or fingerprinting company. If the agency/company does fingerprint services, they may also have fingerprint cards available.

Option 3 – Print Blank Fingerprint card:
Print a copy of a fingerprint card

All applicants, no matter what option chosen above must do the following;

  • Print and complete the Non-Criminal Justice Privacy Statement form, to include with the application.
  • Mail completed fingerprint card & copy of Application Submitted page to our office. Scanned or faxed copies are never accepted.

For your reference, the following forms are included in the Fingerprint Packet in addition to the actual fingerprint card:
Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement
Fingerprint Processing Instructions
Fingerprint Card Instructions
Get your FBI Record Brochure
Map to Idaho State Police – Meridian, ID

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