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Fingerprint Cards

Options for obtaining a Fingerprint Card

Option 1 – By Mail:
Send an email to, to have a Fingerprint Packet mailed to the applicant. Include the full address with a full name, mailing address, and application type.

Option 2 – Walk-In:
Contact local law enforcement agency, or fingerprinting company. If the agency/company does fingerprint services, they may also have fingerprint cards available.

Option 3 – Print Blank Fingerprint card:
Print a copy of a fingerprint card

All applicants, no matter what option chosen above must mail completed fingerprint card & copy of Application Submitted page to our office. Scanned or faxed copies are never accepted.

For your reference, the following forms are included in the Fingerprint Packet in addition to the actual fingerprint card:
Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement
Fingerprint Processing Instructions
Fingerprint Card Instructions
Get your FBI Record Brochure
Map to Idaho State Police – Meridian, ID

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