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Controlled Substance Registrations

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Application fees are non-refundable per IDAPA In addition due to internal controls funds are non-transferable. Please ensure that you are submitting the correct application and that a NEW application needs to be submitted. Renewing does not necessitate the submission of an application. If you are unsure, please call our office for clarification. 208-334-2356.

Pursuant to Idaho Code 67-9305 applications for members of the military, veterans and their spouses will be expedited. Please identify yourself by emailing our office at once your application has been submitted. The email subject line should read 67-9305. EXPEDITED APPLICATION.

All Idaho practitioners must hold a valid Controlled Substance Registration issued by the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy and a Federal DEA registration with an Idaho practice address prior to prescribing, dispensing, administering or maintaining an inventory of controlled substances in the state of Idaho.

For each principle place of practice that a registrant will house or receive controlled substance medications will need a separate Idaho Controlled Substance Registration and Federal DEA Registration.

Idaho Practitioner Controlled Substance Registrations

Application Fee Exemption – When either of the exemptions below are applicable while submitting an Idaho Practitioner Controlled Substance application, select the Obtained by method “Application Fee Exempt”

  • DEA Exemption – Persons exempt pursuant to federal law from fee requirements applicable to controlled substance registrations issued by the DEA are also exempt from fees applicable to controlled substance registrations issued by the Board
  • Military Exemption – Any licensee/registrant serving in the armed forces of the United States is exempt from the payment of license fees during any period of military service. If applicable, upload proof of military service that includes the date active duty will cease

Application Requirements & Required Documents

  • Idaho Prescription Monitoring Drug Program (AWARxE) Registration – Applicants must initiate an online registration with PDMP AWARxE (Not applicable for Veterinary and CET registrants).
    When creating a new account, use either the actual DEA Number or the DEA Control Number (ex. W#######C).
  • Idaho Professional License Number
  • Board of Medicine letter granting Prescriptive Authority (Physician Assistant applicants only)
  • Federal DEA Registration – Applicants must either have a new pending application or an active DEA Registration with a pending address change to the Idaho practice location
    • New pending DEA registration application – Document must indicate the DEA control number & Idaho practice address. From the DEA website, create a PDF copy of the Confirmation page that has the DEA control number (ex. W########C) and the matching Idaho practice address. If prompted for an Idaho CS Registration number during initial application enter “pending” and a future expiration date.
    • Active DEA registration that is pending an address change to the Idaho practice location. From the DEA website, create a PDF copy of the document that states ‘Registration Update Request Successfully Submitted’ and includes the matching Idaho practice address.

A practitioner must submit applications to both the Board of Pharmacy & the DEA before either agency can review a request for registration at an Idaho practice location. Once both agencies have received completed applications, they will coordinate efforts to issue both registrations at the same time.

Idaho Researcher Controlled Substance Registrations

Researcher Controlled Substance Instructions

DEA Links

New DEA Controlled Substance Registration Application 224
DEA Controlled Substance Registration Address Change
DEA Form 223 Duplicate Certificate Login Screen
DEA List of Controlled Substance Schedules

Practice Address Changes

Per IDAPA Rule Reporting Individual Information Changes. Practice address changes must be reported to the Board of Pharmacy within 10 business days of the date of change.

  1. DEA Address Change Form
  2. Before leaving the DEA website print the “Registration Update Request Successfully Submitted”, then
  3. Create an Adobe document and email to, or fax a copy of the screen print to (208) 334-3536

Drug Enforcement Administration Registration Contact Information

Idaho DEA Registration Technician Contact
Phone: 1-571-387-2800 or 1-800-882-9539
For more information: Drug Enforcement Administration website.

Controlled Substance Inventory

Controlled Substance Inventory Information

General Usage Forms

Name Change Request Form

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