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Board Staff

Nicki Chopski, PharmD – Executive Director

    Idaho Code & Administrative Rules, Board Members, Continuing Education, Media Calls, State Departments-Attorney General

Berk Fraser, R.Ph. – Deputy Executive Director

    Represent Executive Director when needed, Supervisor of Administrative Staff, Licensing Staff, and Compliance Officers, Receives Pharmacy Complaints & Investigates Alleged Violations, Technical Law Questions, Approve or Deny Applicants pursuant Board delegated Authority, Continuing Education

Erik Sevillano – IT Software Engineer II

Theresa Arnold – Management Assistant

Wendy Muir – Licensing Specialist

Sarah Kosty – Licensing Specialist

Cathy Hutson – Licensing Specialist

Susan Villanueva – Customer Service Representative

Barbara Syriac – Financial Support Technician

Fred Collings – Chief Investigator

Teresa Anderson – Program Information Coordinator

Ellen Mitchell – Investigations Support Coordinator

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