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The Board was organized March 23, 1905, under provisions of the law by the legislature of the same year. From July 1939 until July 1974, the State Board of Pharmacy was an independent agency. As of July 1, 1974, the Executive Reorganization placed the Board under the Department of Self-Governing Agencies.

What does a Regulatory Board do?

Boards are the regulatory bodies for specific occupations and professions. The primary and over-riding mandate of every board is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. Each Board member has been appointed to serve the interests of Idaho’s citizens.

A board should not see itself, or be viewed, as a “promoter” or “advocate” for the profession.

  • A board determines the minimum qualifications necessary to obtain a license or registration;
  • regulates the standards of conduct and scope of practice for the profession;
  • adopts and administers examinations;
  • adopts and monitors continuing education requirements;
  • reviews complaints against licensees/registrants and takes appropriate disciplinary action against those who have violated the laws.

Depending upon their statutory authority, regulatory boards may take disciplinary action against a licensed/registered individual. That action may include suspension or revocation of the license/registration. Some boards have authority to order a licensed/registered individual to refund money or perform repairs; serve a probationary period; obtain additional education; reimburse the cost of investigation and prosecution; and pay a fine.

All determinations made by a board must take place in a public setting and be in compliance with the Idaho open meeting laws.

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